Consumer Rights

Consumers are often the victims of unscrupulous collection agencies and individual collection agents. Waterbury Law, P.C. can protect individuals from unwanted contacts from collection companies. Additionally, we can provide to the client the numerous protections offered by Federal and State Law.

Many people do not realize that they do not have to put up with constant and harassing calls or verbal abuse or any of the other numerous illegal and unconscionable methods used by debt collectors. In fact, often the actions of debt collectors are violations of specific legal provisions and allow for the award of money damages to consumers.

It is important that you dispute any alleged debt in writing as quickly as possible, generally within thirty (30) days of receiving a letter from a collection company. The letters sent by debt collectors are intentionally confusing in the hopes that individuals will be unsure of what they can or should do. Debt collectors rely on an individual being uniformed about their rights under Federal and State Law. A debt collector has a significant advantage over consumers as they deal with debt collection everyday; on the other hand, most consumers rarely encounter the need to know consumer law.

Do not let your unfamiliarity with consumer law give debt collectors an unfair advantage over you. Debt collectors depend on consumers remaining unaware of their rights. Call Waterbury Law, P.C. today and let us provide for you the protection guaranteed by Federal and State Law.

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